Clinical Care

Outstanding primary care services
As your personal physicians, we are dedicated to giving you the highest quality primary care services. We maintain a strong emphasis on prevention --including health screening, early detection strategies, and wellness promotion. We provide diagnostic excellence as well as thoughtful research and evaluation of your treatment options.

Enhanced Comprehensive Annual Examination
The Comprehensive Examination begins with a thorough medical history and a review of the nutrition, fitness and stress management consultations, followed by an extensive, thorough physical examination. We develop an overall assessment with a clear outline of health concerns and how they will be addressed throughout the year.

Annual Nutrition Consultation with periodic follow-ups
Diet plays a critical role in regaining and maintaining health. An eating plan that is tailored to your lifestyle and health needs will improve how you feel and how well your body works. Each year, you will receive an extensive evaluation of your nutrition status and detailed recommendations, as well as a schedule for follow-ups.

Annual Fitness Evaluation with periodic follow-ups
Wherever you are on the fitness scale, we will evaluate your level of fitness, including testing for balance, strength, cardiovascular exercise tolerance, posture, and past injury assessment.

Unhurried, extended office visits with minimal or no waiting
We limit the number of patients in the practice to ensure that each office appointment lasts as long as necessary to address your health concerns.

Direct involvement in your emergency room and hospital care
Emergency room visits and hospitalizations can be confusing and challenging. We will be there to oversee your care and facilitate communication between the specialists and you.

Vocal advocacy for your health needs
Your doctor is dedicated to being your ally and partner in health with first-hand knowledge of local, regional, and national resources.

Electronic medical record
Your doctors use the latest in medical technology to monitor your care. Our practice also offers you access to parts of your records on the Internet in a secure format that conforms to all HIPAA requirements.

Same-day prescription refills
We reduce unnecessary stress by promptly refilling your medications.

Expedited and prompt test results
We know that lab and x-ray results are important to you and we will contact you as soon as we review the results either by phone or by email if desired.

Alternative health care referrals if desired
We respect our patients’ relationships with non-western health practitioners and will facilitate referrals to alternative practitioners as desired.

Comprehensive geriatric care
We provide comprehensive, compassionate, and respectful care for elderly patients. This care includes home visits, as well as clear and timely communication with family members, caregivers, and specialists.