How can Laurencin Personal Physicians offer such extensive services?

The annual membership fee allows Laurencin Personal Physicians to limit the number of patients to approximately 15% of most primary care practices, ensuring more time and much greater availability for each patient.

Does Laurencin Personal Physicians accept insurance?

Laurencin Personal Physicians accepts patients with most major insurance carriers, including Medicare. Each member must have a non-HMO health insurance, usually a PPO plan, for health-related services such as specialty care, hospital fees, laboratory and x-ray.

Will my insurance cover the annual fee?

No. The annual fee is not a reimbursable medical expense.

How much is the annual fee?

The annual fee is $3900, payable annually or in quarterly or monthly installments. Discounts available for partner memberships or two people per household.

What if I get sick away from home, or have an emergency?

Your medical records, including medication, allergies, lab results, and EKGs, are accessible 24 hours a day using a secure, web-based system; we are also always available by phone and email for consultations. In an emergency, our services are no substitute for calling 911. However, we are prepared to coordinate with emergency room personnel to ensure that you receive care in a timely manner.

Am I limited to a certain group of specialists?

No. Laurencin Personal Physicians can refer you to the best specialist available on your insurance panel.

How do I join the practice?

As a first step, prospective members of Laurencin Personal Physicians are invited to participate in a no-obligation interview with Dr. Laurencin. The purpose of the interview is to answer your questions and to get a sense of your health concerns. We will decide together if the practice meets your needs.

Who Should Join Us

People who:

  • value their time

  • desire the security of having their physician available, responsive, and supportive day or night

  • want personal, individualized attention from their primary care physician with a strong emphasis on disease prevention

  • want a primary care physician who will work with other practitioners to integrate Western medicine and alternative health options

  • want their physician to research their illness thoroughly

  • desire a physician ally to advocate for them within the health care system

  • want a valuable, long-term relationship with their physician

  • want first-class primary care service

  • have complex schedules and need prompt care when it is convenient for them

  • have suffered life-threatening illnesses